What a Difference a Year Makes (Or Does It?)

I'm linking up with MamaKat's Writer's Workshop today.

This week, one of the prompts was:  What were you blogging about a year ago today?  What has changed?

Early last December, I posted "Woman.  Christian.  Human.", which included the following: 

And I am left feeling lonely, rejected, and as though I've been treated as less than human simply because I am not a wife.  I'm just this leftover person who doesn't quite fit in anywhere.

So much has changed in my life since this time last year!

But I am still a woman.  Still a Christian.  And still a human.  

And I still deal with sometimes feeling like that leftover person.  Feeling like I am less than because I'm not part of a pair.  And being left out of events and invitations because most people my age are coupled up.

Have you dealt with feeling less than human in some situation?

Have you ever realized you've acted in a way that may have left someone else with that same feeling? 


  1. Michelle, I constantly battle the feeling that I am not enough. I am married, have kids and a job and 2 dogs. I have an advanced degree. I have friends who love me, yet I don't always realize my self-worth.

    When you look at everything you are, it's enough. M

  2. Feeling like a leftover person? That makes me so sad! I certainly hope I never make anyone feel like that just because they're not part of a pair. I hate that pressure you must feel to live your life according to someone else's standards.